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The History of Storm King Golf Club

first-clubhouseOurs is a story of our community and it began in 1894 when professional golfer Willie Norton’s design first welcomed the Cornwall community and New York City residents vacationing in relaxing mountain cottages on the banks of the Hudson River as an exclusively private club.

Ours is a true golfers club, and we owe our success and endurance to wise stewardship throughout generations of leadership. For over 100+ years the club has stood the test of time, surviving the Great Depression in initial years of the 1930′s as well as the lean years of the golf industry. Storm King has served as a cornerstone of our community throughout it all, providing our members the relaxed recreational and social camaraderie they have needed in their lives. Ours is a Club where you can go and everyone truly does know your name.

The golf offers smallish greens and moderate length by today’s standard, but were indicative of the hickory shafts and gutta percha balls that seemingly flew for eternity against the mountainous backdrop of the first tee.

As the layout descends into the “flats”, winding to and fro with parallel fairways golfers finally arrive at the picturesque 8th tee. A short par three that plays much longer to the elevated green over a scenic natural pond. Escape with par and golfers begin the final ascent to the challenging ninth hole to our beautiful brick clubhouse perched behind the green awaiting golfers with a wee pint of ale following play.

Our history is still being written today, with a growing membership and now allowing daily access to preview the golf course. Come experience Willie’s timeless design for yourself...